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How to...


How to setup TrueCafe
How to setup Wi-Fi billing
How to setup TrueCafe on thin clients (NComputing, Terminal Serverices, SUNDE, etc.)


How to lock a terminal
How to set server ip-address
How to set a background picture


How to arrange terminals
How to shutdown or restart a terminal
How to start an application on a terminal
How to disable TaskManger, hide Windows Desktop items, etc. on a terminal
How to configure the list of applications which a user can start on a terminal


How to setup distinct pricing for each group of customers
How to setup a particular pricing
How to setup a terminal-dependent pricing
How to get pricing setup examples
How to set a default pricing for a customer
How to provide discounts


How to configure a customer account
How to top-up a customer balance
How to configure user access
How to configure the list of programs a customer can start
How to scan customer's documents


How to create tickets
How to print tickets
How to sell tickets online
How to sell tickets offline
How to log in using a ticket
How to use a ticket to top-up a customer balance
How to delete and recover tickets
How to create tickets for only Wi-Fi or desktop terminals


How to start a session from a terminal
How to start a session from the server
How to monitor customer sessions
How to sell a product (drink, snack, etc.) during a session
How to stop a session from a terminal
How to stop a session from the server
How to close a session
How to pause/resume a session
How to make a refund
How to chat with a customer


How to calculate session Internet traffic/bandwidth
How to limit your terminals Internet bandwidth

Wi-Fi billing

How to add wi-fi billing exceptions so that some websites or terminals aren't blocked (white list)


How to use license key management system
How to setup Valve Steam support

Print monitoring

How to automatically charge customers for printing
How to notify a customer about pages/charge information
How to block printing if not enough money left on a customer balance

Point of sale

How to make a walk-in (guest customer) sale
How to make a member sale
How to customize a receipt
How to control item available amount in the stock
How to use a barcode scanner to sale items

Power management

How shutdown idle or all terminals
How shutdown an idle terminal automatically
How turn on a terminal remotely


How to backup/restore TrueCafe database and system files
How to configure a backup schedule


How to briefly view your cyber cafe daily activity and financial data
How to analyze your business data
How to use Web Reports
How to get reports by email
How to clean up the database
How to translate TrueCafe into your own language

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