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Become TrueCafe Reseller

If you're going to become a reseller of our products, please get to know the following reseller terms and conditions:

Discount. Please contact us regarding your initial reseller discount.

Region. A reseller is limited by a particular region and can't sell our software to any location outside.

Key generator. We don't provide a reseller with a product key generator.

Coupons. We provide a reseller with a number of discount coupon codes which he uses on our product purchase page to get a discount.

Orders. A reseller has either to purchase a number of licenses in advance, or to purchase a new license each time when he gets a new order from his customer. Usually the latter approach is used.

Customer info. When placing an order, a reseller fills in the customer registration info (full name or company name and email) to the correspoinding fields on the order page, This information is used in the licensing info. When no customer information is provided, we use the reseller's contact information as the licensing info.

When the license is created, we send it to the customer's email address.


TrueCafe. Friendly cyber cafe software

You can download, print, edit your contact and distribute TrueCafe posters in your local area. The posters are available in A4, A5 and A6 size, JPEG and CRD (CorelDraw 11) formats:

Download posters in JPEG format (size: 1 Mbyte)

Download posters in CorelDraw format (size: 7 Mbytes)

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on TrueCafe reselling.

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