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    00. Quick Setup
    01. Terminals and Applications
    02. Rates
    03. Customers
    04. Tickets (Time Codes)
    05. Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Sessions
    06. Shifts
    07. Point-of-Sale, cash drawer
    08. Goods and Stock
    09. Instant Messenger (Chat)
    10. License Key Management
    11. Power Management
    12. Daily Report
    13. Sales Report
    14. Traffic Calculation and URL Log
    15. Point-of-Sale. Receipt
    16. Options


Client Program
Web Reports
Web Reports by Email
Printer Watcher
Web Access
NComputing and Terminal Server Support
Wi-Fi Hotspot Support (Wireless Billing)
Wi-Fi White List
PayPal and Credit Cards Support
Customize Wi-Fi Pages
Valve Steam
Bandwidth Management
Game Console Billing
Database Cleanup
Language Editor
Database Workshop


TrueCafe Client

Option Meaning


Club name Your cyber cafe club name
Language TrueCafe interface language
Disable multiple login Don't allow simultaneous logins using a single account
Shift control Enable shift control. Started shift is required to accomplish any transaction
Server. New session. Password required A customer password is required to start a session from the server side
Rounding Round total session amount. For example, if Rounding = 0.5 and the session total = 1.30, it's rounded to 1.50. Rounding disabled when = 0


Display bottom pane Display the bottom pane (remote terminal screenshot, orders, etc.)
Display session Display the brief session info pane
Display tickets Display the sale ticket pane
Accept orders automatically Display the "Accept order" dialog when a new order is received
Refresh terminal/screenshot every X sec How often a selected terminal screenshot, task list, etc. is refreshed
Refresh sessions every X min How often the sessions pane is refreshed


Time/money warn when left Mimimal amount of time/money left when warnings (colours, dialogs, sounds, etc.) are displayed
Time/money button 1, button 2, etc. Amount of time/money that is added to a session when you press the corresponding button on the "Add time/money" dialog
Show time left warnings on the server side Display warnings on the server side as well as on the client side

TrueCafe Client

Buttons Enable/disable session screen buttons such as Chat, Order, Log Off, etc.
Login automatically when Windows login = TrueCafe login Start TrueCafe customer session and unlock a terminal screen automatically when Windows user login is found in your TrueCafe customer list. This is helpful when all your customers have personal Windows user names so they don't need to login to TrueCafe when then login to Windows.
Minimize session window Minimize the session window to the Windows taskbar when a customer logs on
Close running applications when a session ends Automatically close all running applications on a terminal when a customer session ends
Log off when screensaver starts Automatically log off a customer session when a screensaver starts on the terminal
Log off when Windows logs off or shutdown Automatically log off a customer session when a customer logs off from Windows or shuts down the system
Lock screen when network disconnected Lock a terminal screen when network disconnection detected
On session log off Close all running programs and restart the terminal when session time is over
Show time/money left dialog Display the warning dialog to a customer when his session has critical amount of time/money left
Time/money left sound file A warning sound file that is played to a customer when his session has critical amount of time/money left. Please note that this must be either a local path to a file on a terminal computer or a network path to a shared file(e.g. \\SERVER\SHARE\warning.wav)
Shutdown an idle terminal after X min Shutdown a terminal after period of inactivity


Printer Ticket printer if not your Windows default one. For example, you can select your POS printer as your ticket printer
Ticket name by default A name which is assigned to tickets when you create them
Login mask Add preffix/postfix to a ticket login. When not empty, must contain %s (e.g. 200801%s). Login mask is used for login = random ticket generator option only.
Ticket terminal count limit by default Default "Maximum number of occupied terminals" when you create tickets
Design Ticket layout on a printed page
Password Specify a password length, choose whether a password contains letters or numbers or both, select the upper or lower case and view an example


Specify the commands to run when you press F2..F9 keys


Run external programs when TrueCafe Client logs on/off. You can use customer_id, terminal_id, pricing_package_id command line parameters, which are replaced with actual values when the script is called.
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