Wi-Fi startup bug fixed

When you restart your TrueCafe Server PC, sometimes Wi-Fi doesn’t start automatically and you have to either run Wi-Fi Setup Wizard again, or restart TrueCafe Server system service. This bug has been fixed, use the latest update (re-install TrueCafe Server software):


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  1. richmond says:

    Why cant the administrator end the session of clients automatically when the PC goes off, I have to end the session of my clients when there is lights out , please do something about it because I’ve recommended it for most of my friends in the cafe business in Ghana.
    Thank You…

  2. Serge says:

    Open TrueCafe main menu > Tools > Options > TrueCafe Client tab, enable “Stop session when Windows shuts down…” option, hope it helps.

  3. richmond says:

    Please Serge its still not helping, it only works when u shutdown the PC.My problem is when the PC goes off unexpectedly.From the server, you will see the time still running, unless you end it your self.
    Thank you…

  4. Serge says:

    Do you mean that server should automatically stops a customer session when there is no connection to a client PC?

    What if the problem cased by a network disconnection, should the session be stopped as well?

  5. richmond says:

    Yes please,that is what I meant. That the server should automatically stop a customer session when there is no connection.
    Thank you….

  6. Sizomu says:

    Hi Richmond, Have you tried TC > Task > Shutdown all Terminals?
    (With This I Assume your server has a UPS to hold & give you some time.
    I am From Uganda, and Sometimes the Generator Fails, We then Use that option and Write balance on paper before the battery fails.

  7. richmond says:

    Sizomu I knw that ups can help but u know is not every body that can afford to buy one for their server or for the whole cafe.

  8. Dan Eshun says:

    Please fix wifi bug still not fixed…Please FIX

  9. Serge says:

    Dan, what exact Wi-Fi bug do you mean?

  10. Dan Eshun says:

    The startup bug, its still not fixed.

  11. Serge says:

    Dan, could you please zip and email us your C:\TrueCafeData\logs folder to support@truecafe.net ?

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