TrueCafe 6.1 released

What’s new:

O&K Print Watch integration.
Advertisement on client desktop (unlocked).
Dynamic unlocking code.
Unlocking code access option.
Ticket refund
Goods: export to Excel/CSV, search items.
Fading hints.
One minute charge.
Select rate for new tickets.

You can download TrueCafe 6.1 from our website:

13 Responses to “TrueCafe 6.1 released”

  1. pzdepz says:

    Thanks, Truecafe team

  2. Baligyana says:

    truecafe 6.1 is great and has a lot of features compared to the previous version of Truecafe. But i am still using the version 5.1 because there is a feature in 5.1 that is gone in 6.1.

  3. Sizomu says:

    A agree with Baligyana, my 2 business are sticking with V5 because of one good feature which is missing…..

  4. Serge says:

    Hello Sizomu,

    Excuse me, which exact feature do you mean?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Probably web access

  6. Hi Serge says:

    the one that keeps track of the customers deposited amount. not like members.
    PS: I will add a picture to illustrate, because i am not getting why it was dropt in v6.
    you named it “Guest Customer Session Deposit”?

    Other than that, True Cafe is in a league of its own. well done….

  7. Serge says:

    OK, I see. This was done out of simplicity. You can only start time pre-paid guest customer sessions now. Anyway, we’ll think if we can improve this in the further versions.

  8. Fernand says:

    Sir, i have a problem with my wifi and my clientcan’t connect with laptop since last week. my router have no fault please help.
    my engeneer is not avalable by now.

  9. Serge says:

    Contact us via, we’ll try to help.

  10. MERINE ZINSOU says:

    j’ai installé la nouvelle version de truecafe télécharger sur votre site et mon code de déverrouillage ne marche plus comment faire? merci

    I installed the new version of TrueCafe download on your site and my unlock code no longer works how? thank you

  11. Serge says:

    If you’re using version 6.1 your old unlocking code is no longer available. Instead, unlocking codes are generated dynamically now:

  12. franklin says:

    how much true cafe cost? im from philippines… can i used it in 3 server in my area.. we have room for gaming, research and combined. we can’t combined all because of building structure. thank you… i send msg before but I don’t receive any reply… thank you..

  13. Serge says:

    Hello Franklin,

    You can see our prices on the following page, we can provide you with some discount if you purchase more than 1 license at once:

    Unfortunately you can’t purchase a single license and use it on multiple servers.

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