Dynamic unlocking code

No built-in unlocking codes any more!

When you click the “Options” button on the TrueCafe Client login screen, the registered version generates a key and asks you for the corresponding unlocking code. You type the key in TrueCafe Server, get the unlocking code and type it to TrueCafe Client:


So your unlocking codes are generated automatically and you don’t have to ask us to change your codes, wait for a few days and then re-install all your TrueCafe Clients to disable the old code.

Available in the latest version 6.1:


10 Responses to “Dynamic unlocking code”

  1. Pzdepz says:

    Thanks you Truecafe team

  2. Socheat says:

    It’s a good news. Thanks :) .

  3. B Ekpo says:

    TrueCafe getting better everyday

  4. KATEY says:

    good news, but when you lock the computer or log off and put in another terminal number on the same host,it then logs on

  5. Serge says:

    How do you “put in another terminal number of the same host”? Where do you do this?

  6. ANAND KUMAR.K says:

    Really grate your intrest on us. Thanks you a lot Truecafe team.
    Please add “Generate unlocking code” access option which we will disable/enable for particular staff/operators.

  7. Serge says:


  8. KATEY says:

    you see when you press cltrl alt del on a tine clint ternimal ,it gives you the option to log off,lock computer ,shut down,ect.when you choose lock computer it open the page where you have the option for user name and password.You then enter another ternimal number and press ok which will allow you to open that terminal illegally.You can use this process to log in as many terminals as you which on the same host.

  9. Serge says:

    @Katey, are you using any thin client such as NComputing, etc.?

  10. katey says:

    yes i use thin client such as NComputing, x350 and 550

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