Bug fixed: “time left” warning on server

We’ve fixed the “access violation” error which you sometimes got when the “time left” warning window was displayed on the server screen.

Download the update (re-install TrueCafe Server) here:


3 Responses to “Bug fixed: “time left” warning on server”

  1. richmond says:

    I really luv the software and it is helping me so well in managing my internet cafe. The only problem i have is, if there is network disconnection or the system unit goes off unexpectedly, the time keeps deducting .
    I will be much grateful if u could do something about that.
    Thank you.

  2. Serge says:

    Yes, we’ll think what can be done about this in the next version.

  3. richmond says:

    Can you believe I have recommended this software and most of my friends in the cafe business are ready to buy if that bug is fixed?
    I will be much grateful…….
    will be waiting for that in the next version.

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