O&K Print Watch integration

There was a problem that TrueCafe print monitor did not calculate a number of copies correctly when a customer prints an MS-Word or PDF document on some printers. In order to resolve this we’ve integrated TrueCafe print monitor with O&K Print Watch software.

O&K Print Watch a separate piece of software which you download and install yourself, fortunately the installation is quite straightforward. TrueCafe connects to it and gets the correct page number every time a document is printed. O&K Print Watch is not free, so in order to use it you have to purchase a license for $50 after the trial period (30 days) is over.

You can get all the corresponding instructions from TrueCafe main menu > Setup > Print billing screen after you’ve installed the latest beta:



What do you get when you order TrueCafe re-branding?

1. Change the product name so it becomes e.g. SouthEastCafe software instead of TrueCafe.

2. Put your logo on some software screens, such as TrueCafe Client login, About box.

3. Build-in your advertisement links, so customers can’t change them.

4. Put your contact info on the About box.

Re-branding price is $999.90. It takes about 1 week to build the customized software installation for you.

Re-branding does not include any licenses, you have to purchase them separately.

You can order re-branding and licenses from our order page: