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Beta 4.5

TrueCafe 4.5 has been released.

Date: 29 Jul 2010.

Key new features

Web Access

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Sell tickets and top-up customer accounts remotely from your web browser.

This is useful when you have an operator who sells tickets/tops up accounts from a separate computer (e.g. hotel reception) and doesn't have access to your TrueCafe Server computer.

TrueCafe Web Access must be installed on your TrueCafe Server computer. Use Web Access Windows Start menu shortcut to run Web Access. Copy the address to your remote computer and replace in the address with your actual server IP address.

Reports by email

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Receive your Internet cafe reports automatically by email every day, every Monday or every 1st day of month.

Open TrueCafe Web Reports, Mail options, specify which reports you would like to get and select time period (last month, last week, yesterday). Enter your email address and your mail server parameters. Click the Send now button to test mail sending.

Ping monitor

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Monitor your Internet cafe terminals state and get a notification when a terminal is off or TrueCafe Client is not running.

Scan customer documents

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Scan customer documents such as a photo, passport, driving license, etc. Click on the customer icon to scan a photo or use the Documents tab to scan any other documents.

Club map

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Setup the info display at your shop or cafe receiption so that an incoming customer can locate an available terminal himself.

Use your Internet browser to open TrueCafe Web Access and select Club Map main menu item. Click the Edit link to change options and move the terminal icons on the map. Upload your club map layout picture.

Session rounding

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Round total session amount using TrueCafe main menu > Tools > Options > Rounding option. For example, if Rounding = 0.5 and the session total = 1.30, it's rounded to 1.50.

Ticket printer

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Select a ticket printer if it's not your Windows default one. For example, you can select your POS printer as your ticket printer.

Auto-login when Windows login = TrueCafe login

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Start TrueCafe customer session and unlock a terminal screen automatically when Windows user login is found in your TrueCafe customer list.

This is helpful when all your customers have personal Windows user names so they don't need to login to TrueCafe when then login to Windows.

Lock screen when disconnected

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Lock a terminal screen when network disconnection detected.

Payload report

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Analyze your cafe computers payload using Web Reports > Payload report.

Minor features and bugs fixed

Minor improvements:

  • Tickets are available on the expiry date and disabled the next day
  • Ticket expiry date "today": sale/login date + 0 days
  • Auto-close pre-paid sessions stopped from the server side
  • Security options: change time/money and paid amounts
  • TrueCafe Client. Press Shift when you double click on a program icon to start it via "Run as... (administrator)"
  • Log outs list performance improvement
  • Wi-Fi billing: proxy 8080 and 3128 ports are supported
  • Copy application profiles
  • Web Reports. URL log

Bugs fixed:

  • Network driver can't be installed on Windows Vista/7/2008 64-bit versions
  • TrueCafe Client session window doesn't show up sometimes
  • Wi-Fi billing traffic counter resets when the info page refreshes
  • Ticket login mask isn't applied to "login = ID" tickets
  • Incorrect 1-minute rounding
  • "User not found" error when customer types extra spaces before/after login
  • Program registration on Windows 7 and Vista
  • Duplicated Wi-Fi sessions when a terminal IP is changed
  • Incorrect pre-paid amount starting a session for a terminal with the pricing coeff more than 1
  • Printing tickets on some receipt printer models ("division by zero" error)
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