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Beta 4.4

TrueCafe 4.4 has been released.

Date: 27 Jul 2009.

Key new features

Bandwidth management

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You can now limit Internet bandwidth usage for every customer terminal. Depending on a pricing package, a bandwidth limit can be 64, 96, 128, etc. kbps or unlimited.

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Valve Steam support

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TrueCafe now supports Steam game delivery system (by Valve Corporation). Register your Steam accounts (login/password) in the TrueCafe CD-key management system and create shortcuts to your games on the TrueCafe Client program panel.

When a customer double clicks on a game shortcut, the CD-key management system takes an available Steam account from the stock and use it to start and login Steam.

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Wi-Fi white list

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Specify wireless billing exceptions: website names or terminal IP/MAC addresses. You can add your employees' laptops addresses here so that they have free access to the Internet. It makes sense to specify your network printers IP addresses as well so that wireless billing doesn't stop printing.

Close programs delay

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When a customer session is stopped you can now close running programs with some delay. Meanwhile the customer can add the extra time to his session and continue working with his programs.

Wi-Fi/Desktop tickets

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Create tickets which your customer can only use on either Wi-Fi terminals or desktop PC. This is useful when you provide different charge rates for Wi-Fi and dekstop sessions.

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Top-up and ticket receipts

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Print a receipt when you top-up a customer account, sell a ticket or extend a session.

Minor improvements and bugs fixed

Minor improvements:

  • Auto connect terminals with TrueCafe Client installed, which haven't been added on the server side
  • Options. Change currency sign
  • Start session window. Select customer
  • Logouts list (instead of open sessions list)
  • Client. Locate TrueCafe Server
  • Client. Prevent starting a few Clients under the same Windows user account
  • Client. Network communication improvements
  • CD-Key management. Don't run program when no license available
  • Taxes. All prices and amounts include taxes
  • Receipt. Sale date section
  • Client. Reconnect to server (button)
  • Separate network channel for terminal data (screenshots / process list / etc.)
  • Performance improvements
  • Sales. Allow negative quantity
  • Don't ask the password starting a session from the server side (option)
  • Ticket top-up. Display customer as transaction owner
  • Tickets recover: administrator only
  • Wi-Fi. Display full redirect (domain + document + params) on the status page
  • Sale window. Display prices + tax
  • Sales report. Display shift operator
  • Rename main menu > View > Shift report -> Daily report
  • Client. Windows user name on the login window caption
  • Discount column in Web Reports, Sales report and Daily report
  • Hide private pricing packages on the customer window from non-Admin users
  • Display pricing package ID (main menu > Setup > Pricing)
  • Session & New session windows. Display terminal name in caption
  • Auto-close sessions option: any pre-paid by default

Bugs fixed:

  • Move session applies minimal charge more than once
  • Add time/money doesn't work well with decreasing pricing table
  • Server doesn't delete a wi-fi terminal when a session ends
  • Shift end_fact becomes NULL. Causes startup exception
  • Chat doesn't work well with dynamic IP terminals
  • Pause session doesn't work well with post-paid time limited sessions
  • URL log. URLs with more than 1024 characters corrupt the database
  • Client. Program shortcuts mix up when a few shortcuts have the same CD-key group (useful for Steam applaunch)
  • Client. Vista. Session info window isn't displayed sometimes
  • Client. Default app icon is not displayed on Vista
  • Client. Display "search path" programs icons (e.g. calc.exe, notepad.exe)
  • Client. Connection lost switching unlock > lock
  • Thin client terminals screenshots mix-up
  • Start/stop session sometimes fails when using remote screenshot
  • Setup fails on 64-bit Windows versions
  • Setup doesn't add firewalls exceptions on Vista
  • Vista. Restart server doesn't work
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