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Beta 4.2

TrueCafe 4.2 is released. Download new version

We appreciate any comments about the system you send to us. Participation in a beta-testing allows you to get a TrueCafe license with a discount.

Key new features

Wi-Fi hotspot support

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Charge wireless laptop sessions in your cyber cafe. TrueCafe monitors network connections and redirects customers to a login web page. Customers use their tickets login info to start sessions.

In order to display a session info a customer has to type your server computer name in his web browser address bar. He can use the info page to log off.

You don't have to add Wi-Fi terminals manually. When a customer session is started / stopped, the corresponding terminal icon is automatically added / removed on the TrueCafe server side.

Use Tools > Wi-Fi menu to edit Wi-Fi settings.

Your Wi-Fi terminals traffic has to be directed via your TrueCafe Server computer. You should use Internet Connection Sharing to connect your WAN and Wi-Fi/LAN network adapters:

Internet -> Server WAN network card -> Internet Connection Sharing -> Server Wi-Fi/LAN network card -> Wi-Fi terminals

Terminal-dependent pricing

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Use a terminal pricing multiplier to increase or decrease your basic price on some terminals. Default values is 1, which means "no adjustment".

For example, if your basic price is $2 per hour, you can specify the price coeff = 1.5 for your VIP computers, which means $2 * 1.5 = $3 per hour.

Ticket pricing wizard

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Create tickets in a very simple way. Specify tickets minutes and price (e.g. 60 minutes = $5).


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Use refunds when your customer returns you some purchased items or you have to rollback an entire customer session.

Refund feature is available on the sessions window (main menu > View > Sessions). You can only refund closed sessions. When a refund session is created, use Delete button to leave the refund items only. Refund sessions are highlighted with red color in the list.

Continue session when terminal starts

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When a customer session is started and you start or restart the terminal, TrueCafe Client automatically detects the session and unlocks the terminal.

Disable Client buttons

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You can now disable buttons such as Top-up, Password and Log off on Client session window.

Minimize Client session window

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Use this option to minimize TrueCafe Client session window after a terminal is unlocked.

Time left warning on server side

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Show time left message and play warning sound not only on the client side but on the server side as well. Use TrueCafe options to enable this feature.

Terminal screenshot security

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Disable the terminal screenshot panel if you don't want an operator to view your customer terminals screenshots.

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