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Beta 3.2

We are working on TrueCafe 3.2 that will be released on the 15th of November 2006.

Download TrueCafe 3.2 Beta

Date: 14 Nov 2006
Size: 6.0 Mbytes

For registered customers:

Download TrueCafe 3.2 Beta Registered

We appreciate any comments about the system you send to us. Participation in a beta-testing allows you to get a TrueCafe license with a discount.

Key new features

Terminal remote control

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Terminal remote screenshot, task manager and volume control. Refresh a screenshot automatically each X seconds, terminate a process, mute sound.

Check whether a terminal is on/off. Turn on a terminal remotely (wake-on-lan).

Shutdown idle or all terminals. Shutdown an idle terminal automatically after X minutes.


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Log off customer when screen saver starts or customer logs off from Windows.

Clear Internet Explorer History and Temporary Internet Fiels when a customer logs off.

Connect/disconnect a dial-up network connection when log on/log off (useful for GPRS).


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Backup scheduler.

Select colour for a customer to highlight his account or session with.

Member/ticket expiration date.

Printer Watcher monochrome/colour charging.

User access rights improvements.

Disable simultaneous (multiple) logins. Set default max number of occupied station for tickets.

Check customer balance before adding an item to his bill.

Add TrueCafe Windows Firewall exceptions during TrueCafe setup.

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