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Manage and automate Internet cafe and game clubs!
Attention Internet cafe owners! Save time on billing. Save money on software licensing. Save on electricity bills. Increase your earnings by offering printed tickets and gift certificates. Earn more with time rounding. All that and much more in a single, compact package!..

Press-release. 17 Jul 2008. PostNet Northgate partners with NCSolutions for virtual PC Internet Cafe
PostNet Northgate says that it is enjoying improved infrastructure manageability, system security, usability and reliability since upgrading its Internet Cafe IT environment to NC Solutions’ NComputing X300 virtualised terminal solution and TrueCafe billing system...

Case Study. Courtleigh Hotel & Suites
While looking for a solution to automate my internet cafe in our Hotel the Courtleigh Hotel and Suites we tried many softwares. Unfortunately there was no one software that offered our two most primary objective which were excellent support and reliability...

Setup TrueCafe on NComputing and Windows Terminal Server
You can setup TrueCafe on a multi-session platform such as NComputing host or Windows Terminal Server. In this case a number of user sessions run on a host computer simultaneously. Each session is considered by TrueCafe as a separate virtual terminal with TrueCafe Client running. TrueCafe Server can be installed on either the same shared computer or a detached one.

Multiple cafes
Although TrueCafe doesn't have a built-in multiple cafes support, you can nevertheless do something about it. Install and configure TrueCafe Server on your server computer as it was a single cafe with one POS/operator. Then share the TrueCafe database on your server computer...

Move TrueCafe Server
Sometimes you need to upgrade your server computer or replace it with a new one, or move TrueCafe Server from your test computer to a real server. This means you have to transfer your TrueCafe files from one server to another...

Pricing setup
One of the typical tasks is... I would simply like to have two types of prepaid vouchers that a customer can choose: 20 mins for 30 Swedish Crowns or 60 mins for 50 Swedish Crowns. To physically print the voucer is not required but could be interesting. However, most importantly the operator should ask the customer what voucher type (see above), get the money and then select the right "product" (20 mins or 60 mins) and start the terminal of choice...

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