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 since 1999
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About Us

We are a small software company specialized in the database development and located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We have been providing cyber cafe solutions for the local market since 1998. We started to ship our solutions online in 2004.

Contact us if you have any questions or propositions:

Sergey Kravchenko
Pobedy av., 75, ap. 270
Kharkiv, Ukraine

email: support@truecafe.net

phone: +1-929-325-5522
office hours: 10:00...18:00 GMT-5

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Product history

1998 Apr
The first single-user InterBase version (called iCafe).

2000 Jan
Client-server version. Moved to mySQL.

2002 Sep
Improved client-server version. MS-Access supported.

2004 Mar
Moving online. Product name was changed from iCafe to TrueCafe.

2005 Mar
TrueCafe 2.0 (English interface, documentation).

2005 Apr
TrueCafe 2.1 (XP-styled interface, pricing changes).

2005 Jul
TrueCafe 2.2 (application profiles, security improvements).

2006 Mar
TrueCafe 3.0 (pricing, print monitoring, traffic calculation).

2006 Aug
TrueCafe 3.1 (nice new icons ;), tickets, pre-paid/post-paid).
More info

2006 Nov
TrueCafe 3.2 (terminal screenshot, task manager, volume control).
More info

2007 Jun
TrueCafe 4.0 (cd-key management, NComputing support, web reports).
More info

2007 Nov
TrueCafe 4.1 (Vista compatibility, Client security, inventory).
More info

2008 May
TrueCafe 4.2 (Wi-Fi support, terminal-dependent pricing, connect to a session, refunds).
More info

2008 Oct
TrueCafe 4.3 (shift management, customer programs, connection wizard).
More info

2009 Jul
TrueCafe 4.4 (bandwidth management, Valve Steam support, Wi-Fi white list).
More info

2010 Jul
TrueCafe 4.5: WebAccess, Web Reports by email, terminal/ping monitor.
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2011 May
TrueCafe 4.6: advertisement, print options screen, export to CSV.
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2011 Dec
TrueCafe 5.0: ticket time of day and traffic limits, cash drawer, qucik setup.
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